QR Code Marketing

February 27, 2023

QR Code Marketing Strategy

QR codes are the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. By simply placing a QR code on your products or promotional materials, you can provide your customers with quick and easy access to your website, social media accounts, and other important information.

But why stop there? QR codes can also be used to create a more personalized experience for your customers. You can include special offers, discounts, or even exclusive content that is only accessible through the QR code.

Not only does this provide added value for your customers, but it also helps to build brand loyalty and increase customer engagement. Plus, with QR codes being easily scannable with just a smartphone camera, it's a convenient and hassle-free experience for your customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate QR code marketing into your digital marketing strategy today and watch as you beat the competition and grow your sales!

What is a QR Code?

The technical definition a qr code is an abbreviation of quick response code and it's a type of barcode
Basically it's a fancy and far more powerful barcode that you can scan with a camera to get a whole lot of valuable
information quickly easily and also quite environmentally friendly thanks to these features qr codes have been steadily growing in popularity
they're already very common and popular in countries in asia and europe but we've also seen consistent growth in their usage in north america year after year as well in north america the most  common placement for qr codes are on printed media like magazines and newspapers and product packaging but they can also be seen on websites posters business cards storefronts and tvs qr codes are most commonly used to provide more information but they're also commonly seen giving event information presenting special offers and redirecting people to an app
download the important takeaway points here though are that qr codes are fast they're easy and they're an incredibly
effective way to quickly deliver information to your clients and customers in a helpful non-intrusive way.
Okay one more technical aspect we need to cover before i share some use cases with you and that's the difference
between dynamic qr codes and static qr codes when it comes to qr codes they're really not that technical but there is
one thing that's important to understand to really get the best results from your qr code marketing and that's how to differentiate between static and dynamic qr codes the main idea is that static qr codes embed permanent information what this means is that after it's been created
whatever content is linked to it can no longer be changed on the other hand dynamic qr codes are much more versatile
because even after being printed the content embedded on them can be updated however you want anytime you want and
with anything you want to make things better real-time data tracking is also possible with dynamic qr codes which
allows information like when and where the scans were made what kind of device was used to scan it and a whole lot more
for example let me hop into my qr tiger.

Using QR Codes for Ecommerce.

Let's talk about using qr codes in e-commerce there is no better business to apply qr codes to than e-commerce and
fortunately doing this is about as straightforward as it can get basically all you need to do here is put the code
on the packaging and you're pretty much done it then all boils down to how your qr code should function and they're
really only two ways to go here information and services for information the qr code should lead customers to
more information regarding the product as it's common for people to have questions whenever they purchase
something and when they have the option to simply get more information with a scan of their phone well you take away
all the time that they would have to spend searching online all on their own it's this kind of customer service that
leads to customer loyalty.

Using QR Codes in Advertising.

Let's talk qr codes in advertising while the purpose of qr codes are mainly for advertising it doesn't intend to
replace printed mediums but instead further enhances their effectiveness and function by adding a qr code to your
static medium you're giving a digital and interactive aspect to it making the printed material that much more
effective the big thing with using qr codes in your advertising though is to try not to make your audience read too
much remember you added a digital aspect to your printed media which opens up way more possibilities with your ad if
you're going to send them to something like a lengthy article then you're really not making the best use of the
platform especially when you have the option to direct them to something more interactive like a video or a game
remember the key word here is interactive if it doesn't spark immediate interest then you're doing it wrong.

Strategry for QR Placment 

Let me walk you through a three-step qr code marketing campaign strategy the first part of every
successful qr code campaign is strategic placement if you don't know where to put them you aren't going to be able to make
the most informed decisions for what comes next this is why step one is to always try to identify the best most
logical and most relevant and useful placements for your qr codes next once you have the location of your qr code
decided you're going to be better able to determine what kind of functionality is going to suit it best for example if
you decided to place it on your storefront then you would use this for marketing and promotions on your
products well for further information and services it's crucial for placement to coincide with purpose that is if you
want to keep your audience interested engaged and taking action and speaking of action let's talk about point three
the final step is to add a call to action or cta to spark interest and to get someone too well take action the key
here is to keep your ctas clean and crystal clear just say what you want them to do for example you could try
scan to learn more watch video or scan to win but don't be afraid to test different combinations and see what
works best for you your cta may be the most important part of your entire qr code marketing campaign so make sure not
to overlook it after all if they don't scan you don't sell and the statistics show that if you add a call to action in
your artwork you'll get up to 60 more scans. Remember CTA is the most important thing.

Common QR Marketing mistakes

All right now let's talk about a few of the most common qr code marketing mistakes that you want to avoid at all
costs the first mistake is sending people to non-mobile-friendly destinations the target market of qr
codes are clearly mobile users unless you can imagine people scanning with their desktops or laptop computers it's
a funny thought but it's not how it works so with that in mind make sure the content you're trying to deliver is
mobile friendly or specifically catered and centered to be viewed on mobile devices a common mistake of most
business owners is linking to their full website that doesn't scale down to a phone screen size and aspect ratio or is
too large to be run by mobile platforms remember when things get too hard and a little too challenging your customers
won't even bother the next mistake is having long confusing or repetitive calls to action you want to try to keep
your call to action as short as possible even a sentence is probably too long moreover it shouldn't be a reiteration
of the entire purpose of the qr code if you're simply going to explain what's going to happen after scanning the image
then you're kind of killing the curiosity aspect and makes it far less likely that someone's going to scan the
next mistake is well just being boring or not really providing that much  additional value the rule here is to make your audience's
effort of scanning your qr code worth it let the experience be rewarding and don't just settle with bland content
that isn't really going to help them next it's important to remember that qr codes scan best on a white background
with a darker color pattern so think of a black or dark blue pattern against a white background this makes it easy to
see and easy to scan a yellow or faded color pattern on a white background on the other hand is hard to see and hard
to scan so make sure to avoid that so now that i've had the chance to cover the basics of qr code marketing with you
the next thing to do would be to contact us and schedule an 15 minute discovery call.

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