We are a team of nine (9) legendary ninjas with expertise in various areas of business. Our ninjas have all been battle tested in their particular area of expertise over the decades. We have experience and know how to move quickly and carefully to disrupt any particualar industry or vertical.

Why Digital Ninja 9, not 7,8 or 11?

Wisdom Says: In life, in order to be effective you need to be efficient. While you can spend a lot of money at a larger agency and think that it is worth it or spend less with a smaller agency or consultant, we believe that for maxium efficiently our 9 ninjas will crush any competition large or small with precise and maximum effictivenss.

Our Goal: "Build scalable ecommerce that attracks wealth."

Digital Ninja 9

  1. Brand Creation & Custom Packaging/Design
  2. Technology Integrations (API)
  3. Automation & Artificial Intelligence 
  4. Telephony Management
  5. Inventory, Shipping & Logistics
  6. Omnichannel Management
  7. Customer Relationship & Database Management (CRM/DATA)
  8. Sales Funnel Management
  9. Ecommerce, Merchant Account, Business Modeling

Nine (9) areas of business that we have used many times to scale any business from start to exit.

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