Benefits of Scraping Data

There are several ways in which scraping data can benefit you: 
Business Intelligence: Data scraping can provide you with valuable insights into your industry and your competitors. Lead Generation: Data scraping can be used to generate leads for your business. Price Monitoring: Data scraping can be used to monitor prices of products and services offered by your competitors.

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What is data scraping?

Data scraping, in its most general form, refers to a technique in which a computer program extracts data from output generated from another program. Data scraping is commonly manifest in web scraping, the process of using an application to extract valuable information from a website.

Data Scraping Use Cases 

Content: Instead of writing your own content, a scraper may replicate or repurpose what is on another site. Bots look for content to improve search engine optimization purposes, for example.

Reviews: Sites such as Yelp and Airbnb go to great lengths to obtain customer reviews. Some scraper bots may capture such content and reproduce it on another site.

Pricing: Many vendors are leery about posting prices. If they post their prices publicly, competitors will undercut them. Hence, there is a specialized form of scraper that scours the web for price-related content.

Contacts: Marketing lives and dies on contacts. It needs good email addresses and phone numbers in order to accomplish its mission. Contact scrapers ransack websites for any contact data written in plain text. They go through employee directories, about us pages, contact pages, mailing lists and other locations.

Older applications: Some older apps are written in obscure computer languages that aren’t easy to access. Tools are used to transform that data into a more manageable format.

“This offers a quick and easy way to add a GUI interface to an older app, until a rewrite, port, other modification could take place,” Schulz said.

Videos: Some videos on platforms like YouTube use scraping to create their content. The scraped material is used for the voice over on a video. Similarly, images from the websites are scraped for use in the video.

Forms: Some bots are even able to use JavaScript to complete forms on websites to gain fast access to gated content.

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