Your Business Profile has been suspended

If you business has been flagged or suspended by Google Business then we have a few solutions for you. If your business is accessible to people to walk in or you go to your customers then you can create a Google Business Profile. Here is the way Google tries to help you. No wonder they are a giant but a Monopoly too? There has to be a better way. This is how they help you " If your business profile was suspended then there is likely an issue with it that will need to be corrected before it will be reinstated. Google may not specify what that is so you'll need to review the guidelines and make sure your business is eligible and that you have set up your business profile correctly." Can you be more generic Google?

Here is a video on how to help

But it really does not help most of us.

Make sure you understand what Google wants. Avoid prohibited content such as :

  1. Illegal activities - Fraudulent or illegal activities aren’t tolerated on Google and may result in account suspension and removal of business information from search results.
  2.  Marketing, promotions, or other contests - Any promotion, marketing, contests, or other giveaways should clearly link to the terms of the activity and provide clear guidelines and qualifications. All such promises, given or implied, should be adhered to.

Still confused? Google offers you product experts that can make you even more confused.

What is the Product Experts Program?

The Product Experts Program is Google’s superuser community. Product Experts:

  • Represent a global network of everyday Google users who love using Google products
  • Are passionate about sharing their knowledge
  • Help others in the Google Help Communities

Here what you need to have to be a business on Google Local or Google Maps, If your business either has a physical location that customers can visit, or travels to customers where they are, you can create a Business Profile on Google.  To qualify for a Business Profile on Google, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours, now how does this work for a 24 hours 7 day a week business like a urgent care, or taxi services of a Limo service?

Who can edit or manage a Google Business Profile?  Only business owners or authorized representatives may verify and manage their business information on a Business Profile. If you wish to share management access to your Business Profile with others, you can add a manager.

So how do we get listings approved?

We submit the Google Profile Suspended Listing Form. We supply the correct information, we gather utility bills for the company name and address, we show our listing on other local directories and then we wait for the Google Profile AI, Robot, or personal from a different country to communicate the same useless information back to us. We submit it again, and then we get to the right person. We wait and play the game until the listing is approved.

I know you were looking for magic but that is how it is done. Need help? Want us to babysit for you? Let us know.